Brewery Museum

Our brewery museum was opened in May 1997.

The historical development:
It was planned to convert the premises of our former box malting plant into a glass warehouse in winter 1996/97. But when the vats had been removed, the vault of the room revealed to be too good to only use it as a storage area. Since there were no rooms for refreshments during visits, it was decided to use the old box malting plant for this purpose.

This measure also led to the idea to open a museum. This was done during the somewhat quieter winter months at the beginning of 1997 on the 2nd floor of the Landau brewery.
In our brewery in Münchshöfen, which was closed down in 1978, there were numerous old devices, most of which had already become rare.

The heart of the brewery, the brewing copper, had even been in use until the closure of the Münchshöfen brewery. Its capacity was 68 hl. To move it to its new location, it had to be disassembled and reassembled in the museum. Together with some stored equipment from the Landau plant, the exhibits from Müchnshöfen now allowed a seamless presentation of malt and beer manufacture as it was done 50-100 years ago.

The exhibited objects are supplemented by photographic material from a photo album, which a former brewmaster provided as a gift to the company founder Wilhelm Krieger (1884-1967) and which contains photos of the production at that time.

Among the equipment from the regular beer production, advertising boards, enamel signs, taps, glasses, jugs and other objects related to the Krieger brewery are also on display. Particularly worth mentioning is a model of the brewery building, made by the architect Ganzenmüller before the reconstruction in 1905, and the guild sign of the Landau brewers.
The current managing director Helene Sturm dedicated the museum to her grandfather, the company founder Wilhelm Krieger Senior. The museum was opened in the 30th year of his death.

We would like to thank all employees who participated in the construction, lead by the former brewmaster Hans-Peter Wiest, for their active support. The museum had been built within three months thanks to the close cooperation of all employees during our ongoing production.

The Brewery Museum is open to visitors on the Landau Museum Day at the end of September and at brewery festivals (Ascension Day in odd years).