First documented mention of the brewery at the location of the present administration. The brewery owner at that time was Gallus Weidenpekh.


Franziska Bubenhofer is mentioned as the owner of the brewery.
Until 2009 this was the first known documented mention.


Franz and Katharina Grandl purchase the brewery at the current production site (today Hauptstraße 102) and close the brewery at the former location (today Hauptstraße 86-88 in Landau).


In the night of 18 November the brewery building (Haupt-
straße 102) burns down. The brewmaster of that time Zwinger dies while trying to save some property from the building.


New construction of the brewery building, planned by the well-known Weihenstephan university lecturer Theodor Ganzenmüller.


Wilhelm and Anna Krieger buy the brewery from the former
owners Franz and Katharina Grandl. They also buy the brewery inn “Gasthof zur Post” and the farm.


Purchase of the brewery in Münchshöfen from the Rabl family, who owned it at that time.


Wilhelm Krieger Senior retires from the management due to age. His two sons Wilhelm and Josef Krieger are now managing directors.


New building erected for bottling plant in Landau.


Closure of the brewery in Münchshöfen because of rationalisation. The Münchhöfen customers are now supplied from Landau.


Production of non-alcoholic beverages moves to Landau and the Münchshöfen brewery is closed. The 5 employees from the Münchshöfener brewery now work in the Landauer brewery.


Wilhelm and Josef Krieger retire from the management due to age. The managing director is now Helene Sturm, née Krieger.


Launch of the speciality Ludwig der Kelheimer Dunkel.


Launch of the speciality Isartaler Leichtes Weißbier.


Opening of the brewery museum dedicated to the company founder Wilhelm Krieger Senior by his granddaughter Helene Sturm. The museum uses equipment and old photos from the company’s holdings to show how beer was brewed and bottled 50-100 years ago.


With Michael Sturm, son of managing director Helene Sturm, the 4th family generation enters the brewery.
Launch of the specialty Krieger Zwickl.


The brewery celebrates “100 years under the ownership of the Krieger/Sturm family”.
Our Floriani-Bock, a dark Doppelbock, is brewed in the anniversary year for the first time and wins a silver medal at the European Beer Star awards right away.
The anniversary is also celebrated with a brewery festival, during which the Bavarian beer queen, Maria Krieger, visits the brewery


Our Floriani-Bock also wins silver at the World Beer Cup.
Thus, we could win one prize in each of the two toughest beer competitions of the world.


Under the name “Mikes Wanderlust” we launch our own small craft line.
A traditional Bavarian variety is also revived with “Onkel Pepps Märzen”, dedicated to the Münchshöfen brewing tradition and Josef Krieger, and seasonally brewed in late summer.


We celebrate the anniversary “500 years Bavarian Purity Law”. On this occasion we brew our Krieger Urweiße for the first time. Due to the very good acceptance, the Urweiße is now part of our product line.


We have a very successful year in the beer competitions: Bronze at the World Beer Cup for the Krieger Urweiße in the category “German Style Wheat Ale” and Gold for the Onkel Pepps Märzen at the Europan Beer Star in the category German Style Märzen.


A year of change and challenge:

We stop operation of our bottling plant. The beer is still brewed in Landau and after maturing is taken to an external bottler. At the same time, we return to the Euro bottle which is a typical Bavarian beer bottle.

The warehouse and administration are now located at Siemensstrasse 13 in Wallersdorf. 

The rise of the corona pandemic and the restrictions it entails are posing great difficulties for the company.