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Krieger Hell

Our most popular beer, a traditional Bavarian light beer. Golden, finely spicy aroma, pleasantly full-bodied and mild, well-rounded with a fine hop bitterness. Pleasant but full of character!


11.8% original wort
4.9% alcohol

Krieger Pils

Krieger Pils, like all our beers, is brewed with cone hops, but compared to our other beers it is slightly more hopped, with emphasis on the aroma rather than the bitterness. Light gold, with a flowery and hoppy aroma, but also slightly reminiscent of straw. Slightly perceptible, pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste.

11.8% original wort
4.9% alcohol

Krieger Festbier

Our festival beer, as it is served at the Landau folk festival - more strongly brewed than our light beer and slightly more hopped. Strong golden yellow, with a flavour reminiscent of honey, malt and biscuit. Velvety full-bodied mouthfeel dominated by sweetness. This full body embeds a pleasant, subtle bitterness. Seasonally available.

13.6% original wort
5.4% alcohol

Krieger Floriani-Bock

Our bottom-fermented, dark Doppelbock is a seasonal speciality that we offer during Lent. Brewed from 5 different barley malts and 3 different hop varieties. Coppery in colour, the aroma is reminiscent of honey, toasted bread and caramel. In the mouth our Bock is foamy, full-bodied, rounded. Strong in character without any particular tendency (sweet or toasty for example).

18.8% original wort
7.5% alcohol

Krieger Weißbier

Our light wheat beer, naturally top fermented, traditionally produced with bottle fermentation. Dark golden yellow, with an aroma reminiscent of banana, yeast and grain. Sparkling, refreshing and full-bodied.

12.5% original wort
5.3% alcohol

Krieger Urweiße

A strong, amber-coloured wheat beer, as it was customary in the past, when it was not possible to produce a pale malt - a very original beer delight. Full-bodied, with a fine caramel malt sweetness and the typical aromas of Bavarian wheat beer yeast. Made with
bottle fermentation.

14.6% original wort
5.6% alcohol

Isartaler leichtes Weißbier

Top-fermented, Bavarian beer delight, also available with 40% less calories and alcohol than our normal wheat beer.
Light, sparkling, refreshing and yet with a pleasant yeasty touch. Made with bottle fermentation.

7.5% original wort
2.9% alcohol

Ludwig der Kelheimer dunkel

Our bottom-fermented dark beer, named after the city founder of Landau. Bright reddish-brown, malt and toasty flavours dominate the bouquet, giving a full-bodied and sweet mouthfeel.

13.6% original wort
5.4% alcohol

Krieger Zwickl

Our Zwickl is an unfiltered, natural light beer. With slight, natural cloudiness, due to the maturing of the beer. Spicy aroma reminiscent of grain as well as hops and yeast. Full-bodied sweetness dominating in the mouth, rounded with a fine bitter finish. Seasonally available.

11.8% original wort
4.9% alcohol

Onkel Pepps Märzen

For late summer season we brew this traditional Bavarian Märzen, which reminds of Josef Krieger and the Münchshöfen brewing tradition. Strong amber colour, malt-dominated aroma reminiscent of toast and sponge cake, lightly toasted flavours, full body, rounded off by a slight bitterness.

14% original wort
5.6% alcohol

Non-alcoholic beverages & merchandise

In addition to our beers we produce lemonades (mainly Frucade lemonades) and table water. We also offer a wide range of merchandise, from various mineral waters and spritzers to non-alcoholic beer and Coca Cola.