Beer tasting

We focus on different topics and aspects of beer tasting.

Beer is a fresh product

Therefore, you should enjoy your beer as fresh as possible.
Dark and cool storage helps to preserve the original taste.
An exception are strong beers, especially dark Bock beers like our Floriani-Bock.
These beers can be stored and matured in the same way as wine.
The ageing components can make these beers even more interesting.
Frequently people ask whether they can drink expired beer.
We recommend to try it. Often a slight reduction in flavour (even a slight cloudiness) is possible.
However, because of the alcohol content and the hops, germs cannot multiply in beer.

Beer tasting

Beer tasting consists of 3 steps:
1.  Visual perception (colour, foam, cloudiness or clarity)
2.  Smelling (aroma – is it more malty, hoppy or yeasty? How can you describe the aroma, what does it remind you of?) 
3.  Tasting (is the beer sweet or bitter, how is the mouthfeel, is it full-bodied and sparkling?) 

We also smell the beer again when we have it in our mouth through the connection between the nose and the oral cavity.

The choice of beer glass

Different glass shapes have different effects on the perception of beer.
For example, the typical shape of a wheat beer glass bundles the flow of carbonic acid,
and on the other hand, the wide opening allows the yeasty aroma to unfold.
The shape of the glass also determines where the beer comes into contact with our tongue - which also influences our perception of the beer.
Glasses with thin rim give us a more intensive taste experience.
Aromatic beers like our Floriani-Bock can also be enjoyed from a tulip glass or
a red wine glass – in such glasses the aroma can unfold very well.
The beer in such a glass will also become stale more quickly, but it is less of a problem for a beer with a strong aroma than,
for example, a light beer or a pils. Taste it!

Cleaning of glasses

Do not wash glasses in a household dishwasher, as the surfactants contained in the detergent cause the beer froth to collapse.
Instead, clean glasses with water and a little detergent and then rinse with clean water.
Grease and grease residues are also “froth killers” – therefore use dry cloths which are specially intended for polishing glasses.

The right drinking temperature

A too cold temperature does not allow the aromas of the beer to unfold properly, too warm is not so refreshing.
The ideal drinking temperature for beer also depends on the type of beer.
For example, Bock beers can tolerate a temperature of 8-9°C quite well,
while a cooler temperature is recommended for most conventional beers.
The ideal drinking temperature also depends on personal taste, as well as the season (slightly colder in summer than in winter).
The recommended temperature for light, pils and wheat beer is 5-7°C.

Combination with food

Of course you can always drink your favourite beer with your meals.
However, some combinations are particularly good, and can therefore be a special delight.

Beer and food can be combined following three basic principles:
1.  There must be a bridge between beer and food, they must be similar in taste (Doppelbock with beef goulash for example). 
2.  The beer is like an additional ingredient (yeast white beer with asparagus, fruity-smelling India Pale Ale with cheese). 
3.  Balance: Beer is a counterbalance to certain types of food (e.g. light to chilli con carne).

Alcohol and its dangers

Just as nice beer and beer tasting can be, the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can be dangerous. Even though the alcohol content in beer is generally lower than in wine and schnapps, excessive beer consumption can also lead to alcoholism.
These are just a few tips that can help:

Several days a week you should not drink alcohol at all.

Regularly take breaks from alcohol over a longer period of time – if you notice that you cannot manage this, you should seek help.

Even if you notice that you lose control when you are under the influence of alcohol (or through your alcohol consumption), you have a problem. If you cannot handle this yourself, you must also seek help in this case.